January 26, 2016

- Wayne Box Miller

January 12, 2016


I remember seeing you the first time but then I saw you again
You, were a ballet of thoughts dancing in my head
Your voice was an orchestra of words
speaking a symphony to my wonderment 
had me wondering what it meant
Like a song I couldn’t play
So I just stared at the cover photo

Then you smiled and the rainbow had life
brilliant by design
but I was even more impressed by your mind
Intellectual stimulation
Negative thoughts took a vacation, in that moment
Your strength is of legend
fueled by survival, constantly in revival
Look at you now

I saw you the first time but then I saw you yet again
HiDef nothing left to the imagination
To say your style found my appreciation
isn’t lost on this man
So I pressed play on thoughts
Watched with admiration while I fought
What came to the surface
If I confessed in the moment at that time
what would be the purpose 

Fast forward; road blocks and barriers of past times now gone by
They’ve now been torn down with new buildings taking my place; 
you could call them a replace
They may be looking but it’s no longer at my face

But I am still who you saw the first time and then saw again
And to know your view brought me into focus
means my picture was clear
Thank you for the whisper in my ear
Now where do we go from here?
Shhhhh don’t tell anybody
But me

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

January 1, 2016


Make this the year you TALK and DO

Don’t just talk about working out, DO IT
Don’t just talk about opening a business DO IT
Don’t just talk about helping the less fortunate DO IT
Don’t just talk about mentoring DO IT
Don’t just talk about burying the hatchet DO IT
Don’t just talk about uplifting friends DO IT
Don’t just talk about taking a trip DO IT
Don’t just talk about buying a home DO IT
Don’t just talk about volunteering DO IT
Don’t just talk about changing your diet DO IT
Don’t just talk about earning a promotion DO IT
Don’t just talk about following Christ DO IT
Don’t just talk about stopping Black on Black Crime DO IT
Don’t just talk about working together DO IT
Don’t just talk about donating DO IT
Don’t just talk about being positive DO IT
Don’t just talk about what you’re going to do this year DO IT
Why? Because you may not get another chance…

Make this the year of T A D 
Talk and Do
And everything you talk about doing 
In 2016 I hope it comes true

If it’s positive…

December 10, 2015


I have to keep moving
Petal to the metal and then some
Moving onward and upward and then some
Hitting the brakes means I get none of what I say I want

Future becomes the past all to quick
Living in the present that was once the future
Although tomorrow isn't promised
I have to plan for its arrival

Looking down the road I get a glimpse
Enough to give me hope
On the wing I soar
Hanging by a rope

I'd like to fly away
Doesn't matter what they say
Unless they're going my way
Then lets ride

I can't let go of go
got to keep riding even if it's slow
I need to see whats ahead
One day the car will be parked
and I'll be read, in an obituary

So let me add lines to the pages
Fill up the pages with life
He never let go of go, is what it will read
Still holding on in flight to paradise

Never letting go of go...

December 3, 2015


I may be Broken, 
But I'm under repair
Cause a change is coming 
Since I changed my prayer

Where he wants me to go
I want to be there
And I know it’s coming
Since I changed my prayer

And it’s not about me
But what’s in his plan
I was in it for me, 
But I didn’t understand
His plan is forever, 
Beyond my belief
I'm just so thankful 
HIS plan includes me

He hears my needs
Took away my despair
Told me I was covered
When I changed my prayer

Now I know what matters
So with you this I'll share
Some amazing things happen
When you change your prayer

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

November 23, 2015


Free to move 
Free to do
Free to ask 
If I can spend a little more time with you

Free to know
What keeps us apart
Free to respect your answer
But free to hear your heart

Free to breathe
Free to exhale
Free to spend the night
In your mental world

Free to try
Free to be
You see in me


Free to write
Free to speak
Free to tell you 
I want to be 3 days in your week

Free to try
Experiment too
Free to let go of regrets
Involving me and you

Free to think 
you might change
Thoughts free of friends
One of these days

Free to smile
Free to see
You still inspire
Freedom of the pen in me

©2015 Wayne Box Miller

November 9, 2015


Up ahead I can’t see anything but the road
Not the twist and turns that await me
But full speed ahead I go
Not fearing the sudden stops
or the sharp turns

Up ahead I can’t see the end 
but I’m enjoying the ride
Stop signs aren’t the end just the pause
So why do we give them 
more power then they’re asking for?

Up ahead I see it 
Out of focus, out of vision, out of sight
But here I come anyway because, 
The road of life Is a road you've never traveled
and one you’ll never travel again

So I say sit back and enjoy the ride
It’s leading somewhere
Beautiful I guarantee
So don’t miss life trying to figure it out

Life has a way of passing you by
without giving you a chance to look back
But you’ll never hear life say lets do it again
Because life isn’t just a trip
It’s the one way kind
So on the road of life, where will you go?
Wherever it is, enjoy the ride

©2015 Wayne Box Miller