March 27, 2014


©2014 Wayne Box Miller

Close your eyes and see how much I love you
Count the seconds and see how much I’m thinking of you
Not a day goes by that I don’t ask life about you
And not a day goes by when life says I can’t live without you

So now your vision should be telling you the truth
I need you in my life like a banker needs a suit
I love you like ripe grapes love a vine
And if I can go deeper, like a genius loves the mind
In due time…we will find our center

Open your eyes and I’m still standing here
Never left your side wanted it to be clear
I’m here forever, and borrowed a few days
So even when I’m gone, you’ll know I’m here to stay

That much
That deep
In love 
Can’t sleep without you
That sure
That right
Wide awake
It’s a good night with you

That much; and I can’t explain it
Not enough words, I can’t contain it
It’s more than love so you can name it
But I call it you
And that much is true

March 25, 2014

Made My Day...

©2014 Wayne Box Miller

She made my day without even trying
Just showed up in the form of a message
She can breathe through a thought
And give me pause…

So sweet are her words
When she lives in the moment of giving
A touch, a talk, a tempting tease of what could be

I smile, think for a moment and agree
This is nice, she is right, day or night
In a dark moment she is a flash of light

In the blink of her eye
It becomes my golden time of day
Confirmation I’m on her mind
Maybe not forever but for a minute
And that’s all I need to make it through the day…

Back to work.

January 14, 2014


I had to dust you off
see if you still work
I've used you for pleasure
but to also take away the hurt

You are very reliable
every minute of every day
You are my favorite without a question
I won't ever let you get away

I can't live without you
with you I can say what I need
I love the way you feel when I hold you
Your flow is heavenly to me

So i’ll pick you up tonight
And I know you’re waiting for my hand
You are the pen that creates the words
That follows my every command

So lets get together more often
I’d love to hear what you have to say
You are the essence of my poetry
And once again you’ve made my day

©2014 Wayne Box Miller

January 7, 2014

You Should Have Fruit Named After You

©2013 Wayne Box Miller

I have come to realize you’re so sweet
You should have your own section in produce
Surrounded by fruit on all sides
Making them look better to the eye

But they don’t grow em’ like you
You’re always fresh to death
You’re becoming my favorite flavor
The thought causes me to lose my breath

Like the orange that I love to squeeze
I’ll peel back the layers of your mind
And let the vitamin T engulf me
Hoping I don’t run out of time

I want to take a bite of your apple
Surrounded by your pears
You should have fruit named after you
That I can get anywhere

Cantaloupe must be your cousin
Succulent are your last names
Sweet like strawberries
I’m guessing the taste will probably drive me insane

They say the blacker the berry
But I say the sweeter the T
Is there a pomegranate on earth?
That can possibly compete

Black cherries are jealous
Because you’re one of a kind
You should have a fruit named after you
Watermelon is certainly tryin’

But it’s the one in the mirror
The one I have seen
The one I’ve gotten to know
That is getting to know me

You should have a fruit named after you
Orangnewatermelonappleloupeagranate cherries
Hard to find, the rarest of kind, and 
If you’re lucky, you’ll live to taste it

You should have a fruit named after you
But you already do
When I think of the sweetest fruit
I simply call it…

December 5, 2013

Just A Thought...

Your ears are like a shoulder to my thoughts
Giving them a soft place to land
Seems like when I share my problems
Your conversation makes me feel like I'm holding your hand
Man...what a beautiful thought this morning
In the form of you
I just had to share...

November 5, 2013


©2013 Wayne Box Miller

You inspire me without trying
How do you do that?
How can you move my pen to write without stopping?
I seem to be full of ink in your presence or when you’re on my mind,
which is always…

I find new words and meanings in your eyes
Your smile brings out soon to be revealed cliché’s
Applicable to any situation where love is concerned
Every day with you is another lesson learned… about Inspiration

When you leave I’m inspired to bring you back with metaphoric messages
The kind that gently ferment in your mental field and stream
I hate to awake because I like you living in my dream
But even to awake is not a mistake
I determine you and I should be called fate

You inspire me as if I’m on my last breath
To ensure our happiness is the perfect bet
I’d give you everything if it meant I have nothing left
And it would last for eternity so we’d never forget
I’m just inspired by you

You move me like bankers move money
Like politicians move opinions
But always in the right direction
No flip flop or flop flip
With you, I got this; thing called love
And I’m inspired to keep it coming back
You inspire me without trying
Now how do you do that?

August 16, 2013


Just a new thought...

I feel slighted not invited
To have an affair with your heart
I’m conflicted, all in but restricted 
By your fear that we will part

Look inside, and then look below
I’m holding on tight; don’t want to let go
My heart is sold, you have the receipt
Been that way since we chose to meet

And from that minute, that became that day
I was so into you, in so many ways
That I quit counting so I could enjoy
Every bit of love, while asking for more

Drowning in love, swimming in ecstasy
It only happens when you’re right next to me
Don’t need a towel, let love run down
No matter what you say, I love how it sounds

So the only thing left, that you need to do
Is buy fear a one way ticket far away from you
I’ll pick up the tab, so it can leave today
And our love will be left standing, as we wave…
Later for that!